The difference of LAWUAI S.L. is based on the high adaptation skills to fulfill the needs of the client with a big and varied service portfolio of import and export. 

These include:

 The import and export:

Our company imports and exports the articles our clients need, identifies profitable partners to negotiate business conditions, realize quality controls and transport the product to the agreed destination.


 Identification of suppliers:

Our responsibility is finding suppliers and business partners with an ethic and social responsibility, who adjust quality and price in an optimal way. If requested we also provide product samples in advance. 


 Quality control:

We assure 100% customer satisfaction by realizing different quality controls in various manufacturing processes. Following quality controls can be classified:

        - Before the order: There is a close examination of the suppliers and their production


        - At the beginning of the production: Once 10% of the production is realized, there is             an inspection to prevent defects of the goods and carry out improvements in time if                   necessary. 

        - During the production: To assure that the requested improvements of the initial control           are correctly implemented, there is another revision when there is 25% of the fabrication           realized. This control allows us to gain time if there has to be a remanufacture.

       -  At the end of the production: Final revision of quality, dimensions, quantities,                       packaging and labeling.

        - Shipment: Supervision of the handling during the loading of the containers.

 Opening of the market in China:

For a successful product launch in China, we realize market studies, intercede with the authorities for legal obligations and documents, contact and negotiate with possible business partners on behalf of our client and carry out possible promotions.



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